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In the United States of America, there are many real estate attorneys. Any real estate lawyer can be chosen by anyone. The problem is that you can choose a lawyer who is not very knowledgeable or successful in helping you achieve your desired outcome. Furthermore, I don’t need to explain what it means to hire a lawyer that overcharges you just to fail to get the results you were hoping for. The good news is that there are many skilled attorneys in the United States. Even though it might be challenging to be aware of these attorneys, TopTeny Lists Magazine’s article will familiarise you with the top 10 real estate attorneys in the USA.


The first leading real estate lawyer on this list is Liz Oliner, who is based out of Alabama in the USA. She has a bachelor’s degree from Yale University as well as her J.D. from Yeshiva University at the Benjamin N Cardozo School of Law. In the past year alone, she had filed more than 300 trademarks.


Joshua Garber is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania School of Law. His practice is strictly committed to representing individuals, start-ups, large companies, as well as cities. Josh is experienced in the area of litigation and trial. He has been able to get some favorable outcomes in federal and state courts, arbitrations, mediations and DLSE hearings.


David Yamaguchi is an alumnus of Hastings Law School with a broad experience in the guidance of start-ups as well as small businesses, in addition to Fortune 500 companies. He has an area of specialization that includes complex technology transactions, international deals, business creation and contractor/consultant agreements. Among his clients are popular establishments such as Intel, Nokia, Verizon, ViaSat, Dell Computers, BigCommerce and PacketVideo.


Conor Teevan graduated magna cum laude from Yale University and received his law J.D. from Stanford Law School. He practiced at the country’s leading trial law firm, engaged in the exchange of book deals and drafted contracts for several artists. Now he is a major contributor to early-stage companies as well as daily legal needs and formation.


Kanika Radhakrishnan is a Managing Partner at Evergreen Valley Law Group (EVLG), which is a technology law establishment that is based out of San Jose, California. Kanika has been able to file more than 5000 applications for patents across the world as well as in the US.

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